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Loan Serving Data Utility (LSDU)

Access to Master Servicing Data in Near Real-time

LSDU is a suite of self-service tools providing a near real-time view into Fannie Mae loan data and data exceptions.

Key Benefits

  • Enables servicers to continuously reconcile their loan and cash positions with Fannie Mae.
  • Improves the accuracy and quality of the investor reporting processes.
  • Improves reject feedback time and increases transparency.

How it Works

  • Self-service tools providing servicers with accurate, near real-time, loan-level data and data exceptions.
  • 90+ key investor reporting loan data elements and detailed calculations.
  • New loan search function – servicers can now search by Fannie Mae or a servicer’s loan number.

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Learn more about the new LSDU tool at FannieMae.com/lsdu.

Mortgage Insurance (MI) Termination using SMDU

SMDU™ simplifies the borrower-initiated MI Termination experience for both servicers and borrowers. This new process saves time, reduces costs, and enables faster decisioning.

Key Benefits

  • Automated evaluation and decisioning ensures compliance with Fannie Mae policy.
  • Receive warrant relief by using Fannie Mae’s valuation and SMDU decision.
  • In-tool access to no cost Automated Valuation Model (AVM) and/or discounted rate for Broker Price Opinion (BPO)/Appraisal.
  • Simplified process and lower costs result in efficiency and enhanced borrower experience.

How it Works

  • Borrower requests MI be terminated based on the original or a current value (with or without substantial improvements).
  • Servicer uses SMDU to confirm or update a few loan characteristics.
  • Servicer uses no-cost AVM (original value) and/or orders BPO/Appraisal (original or current value).
  • SMDU evaluates the loan and provides real-time decision on borrower’s request to terminate MI.

Ask Poli

Ask Poli™ is an intelligent search tool that helps answer policy-related questions with fast, accurate answers straight from the source. Use Ask Poli for all your Guide-related questions.

Key Benefits

  • Save time and enjoy the convenience of this self-service tool. No need to wait on hold – the answers you need are at your fingertips.
  • The answer from Ask Poli is the same answer you’ll get from the call center. Content is updated and enhanced regularly with each policy update.
  • Ask Poli gets smarter with every question you ask, currently answering over 80% of inquiries.

How it Works

  • Ask a question in sentence form, e.g., “Is an escrow account required for a loan modification?”
  • View the most common results or other links.
  • Provide feedback on the helpfulness of the answer, as it relates to your question.

Expense Straight Through Processing

Expense Straight Through Processing is a streamlined, one and done approach to expense reimbursement with document-free claims. It offers one- to two-day decisions and simplified policies.

Key Benefits

  • Lowers cost and effort submitting claims by eliminating documentation requirements.
  • Minimizes/eliminates the need for rework with ‘one-and-done’ claims reimbursement.
  • Reduces cycle times and reject rates with increased automation.

How it Works

  • No documentation required on submission claims, except on selected pre-payment or post-payment samples.
  • Select claims are reviewed manually, all other claims paid through automation.
  • Multi-party access to supporting documentation via MSP or LoanSphere Invoicing™.

Expense Reimbursement Dashboard

The Expense Reimbursement Dashboard provides servicers with additional line of sight into the claim reimbursement process and trends, as well as potential process improvement opportunities.

Key Benefits

  • Access a single centralized reporting location for claim, inquiry and excess fee approval information.
  • View status of expenses over the last rolling 13 month period.
  • Identify process improvements through detailed reporting and insight.

How it Works

  • Data is presented at both the claim and line levels and is updated daily.
  • Reports include historical information as well as claim status updates broken out by claim submission type.
  • Claim status information highlights expense approval rates and paid percentages.