We introduced Simplifying Servicing with a focus on the future that drives us to “one and done” touchpoints and a fundamental simplification of servicing.

We continue to deliver streamlined, value-driven servicing solutions, building on our promise to bring simplicity and certainty to servicing.

Simplifying Servicing Together

Access to Master Servicing Data in Near Real-time

Loan Servicing Data Utility (LSDU) is a suite of self-service tools providing a near real-time view into Fannie Mae loan data and data exceptions.

Learn more about the new LSDU tool at FannieMae.com/lsdu.

Key Benefits

  • Enables servicers to continuously reconcile their loan and cash positions with Fannie Mae.
  • Improves the accuracy and quality of the investor reporting processes.
  • Improves reject feedback time and increases transparency.

How it Works

  • Self-service tools providing servicers with accurate, near real-time, loan-level data and data exceptions.
  • 90+ key investor reporting loan data elements and detailed calculations.
  • New loan search function – servicers can now search by Fannie Mae or a servicer’s loan number.

Expense Straight Through Processing

Expense Straight Through Processing is a streamlined, one and done approach to expense reimbursement with document-free claims. It offers one- to two-day decisions and simplified policies.

Key Benefits

  • Lowers cost and effort submitting claims by eliminating documentation requirements.
  • Minimizes/eliminates the need for rework with ‘one-and-done’ claims reimbursement.
  • Reduces cycle times and reject rates with increased automation.

How it Works

  • No documentation required on submission claims, except on selected pre-payment or post-payment samples.
  • Select claims are reviewed manually, all other claims paid through automation.
  • Multi-party access to supporting documentation via MSP or Loansphere Invoicing.

Expense Reimbursement Dashboard

The Expense Reimbursement Dashboard provides servicers with additional line of sight into the claim reimbursement process and trends, as well as potential process improvement opportunities.

Key Benefits

  • Access a single centralized reporting location for claim, inquiry and excess fee approval information.
  • View status of expenses over the last rolling 13 month period.
  • Identify process improvements through detailed reporting and insight.

How it Works

  • Data is presented at both the claim and line levels and is updated daily.
  • Reports include historical information as well as claim status updates broken out by claim submission type.
  • Claim status information highlights expense approval rates and paid percentages.

Servicing Marketplace

A new platform that supports co-issue transactions, bringing sellers and servicers together to deliver pricing certainty, transparency, and operating efficiency. All loans bifurcated – selling reps/warrants stay with the seller.

Key Benefits

  • Supports servicers in their search and management of co-issue selling partners.
  • Standardizes data exchange to improve efficiency.
  • Bifurcation of reps/warrants improves liquidity and marketability of Fannie Mae servicing rights owned by servicers.

How it Works

  • Connects sellers with servicers who want to buy Fannie Mae servicing rights.
  • Servicers and sellers negotiate/finalize pricing, loan data delivery requirements, and agreements.
  • Once the relationship is established, the seller has access to the servicer’s custom SRP schedule (available in PE – Whole Loan or via API) and can begin co-issue sales with their associated servicer(s).