Last year, we introduced Simplifying Servicing with a focus on the future that drives us to “one and done” touchpoints and a fundamental simplification of servicing.

We continue to deliver streamlined, value-driven servicing solutions, building on our promise to bring simplicity and certainty to servicing.

Simplifying Servicing Together

Expense Straight Through Processing

Expense Straight Through Processing is a streamlined, one and done approach to expense reimbursement with document-free claims. It offers one- to two-day decisions and simplified policies.

Key Benefits

  • Lowers cost and effort submitting claims by eliminating documentation requirements.
  • Minimizes/eliminates the need for rework with ‘one-and-done’ claims reimbursement.
  • Reduces cycle times and reject rates with increased automation.

How it Works

  • No documentation required on submission claims, except on selected pre-payment or post-payment samples.
  • Select claims are reviewed manually, all other claims paid through automation.
  • Multi-party access to supporting documentation via MSP or Loansphere Invoicing.

Access to Master Servicing Data in Near Real-time

Loan Servicing Data Utility (LSDU) is a suite of self-service tools providing a near real-time view into Fannie Mae loan data and data exceptions.

Key Benefits

  • Enables servicers to continuously reconcile their loan and cash positions with Fannie Mae.
  • Improves the accuracy and quality of the investor reporting processes.
  • Improves reject feedback time and increases transparency.

How it Works

  • Provides access to 90+ key investor reporting loan data elements through a user interface (UI).
  • Service bureaus and servicers with proprietary technology integrate using APIs.

Servicing Marketplace

A new platform that supports co-issue transactions, bringing sellers and servicers together to deliver pricing certainty, transparency, and operating efficiency. All loans bifurcated – selling reps/warrants stay with the seller.

Key Benefits

  • Supports servicers in their search and management of co-issue selling partners.
  • Standardizes data exchange to improve efficiency.
  • Bifurcation of reps/warrants improves liquidity and marketability of Fannie Mae servicing rights owned by servicers.

How it Works

  • Connects sellers with servicers who want to buy Fannie Mae servicing rights.
  • Servicers and sellers negotiate/finalize pricing, loan data delivery requirements, and agreements.
  • Once the relationship is established, the seller has access to the servicer’s custom SRP schedule (available in PE – Whole Loan or via API) and can begin co-issue sales with their associated servicer(s).