Expenses & Invoicing

We’re Simplifying Servicing with a ‘One and Done’ approach. A single submission process for expense reimbursements with straight through processing and no documentation and consolidated portfolio and loan level invoicing.

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Expense Reimbursements

Now available

The Expense Line Item Submission Guide
Provides in depth detail on what line item to submit expenses, including examples.

Future enhancements

  • Phase I Coming November 2017
    Streamlined claim submission process with roll-out of Document Elimination.
    • Elimination of documentation at initial claim submission for five line items
    • Elimination of itemization of Property Inspections
    • Q2 2017 will reduce an additional four document requirements
  • Updated policy guidelines related to expense submission timing servicer reimbursements pilot.
  • Pilot to evaluate existing business rules and edits to reduce number of servicer reimbursement claims that require manual review.
    • Will incorporate a pre- and post-payment QC
    • Additional BKFS system enhancements/edit configurations required to expand
    • Currently being piloted with one servicer

Consolidated Portfolio & Loan Level Reporting

A new web-based application is coming mid-year to provide servicers access to consolidated portfolio and loan level invoices. This new system provides:

  • A single point of contact and transparent documented communication channel
  • Consolidated loan level views with itemized detail as well as portfolio dashboard views and tracking
  • Easy access to performance metrics
  • Faster access to claims, reducing need for emails
  • Ability to track portfolio, as well as individual claim types, in order to support servicer operational processes