Loss Mitigation

We’re Simplifying Servicing with enhanced SMDU capabilities, data validation services, and with our new loss mitigation solution, Flex Modification.

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Servicing Management Default Underwriter (SMDU)

Now available

SMDU dramatically reduces cycle times, costs, and uncertainty for servicers.

  • This industry leading loss mitigation decision tool simplifies the eligibility determination for all Fannie Mae loss mitigation programs, resulting in real-time workout decisions and the best available solutions to homeowners.
  • SMDU-based decisions provide rep and warrant relief.
  • The “new SMDU” seamlessly integrates into most servicing platforms.

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Future enhancements

  • Beginning in 2017, SMDU will automatically create modification cases in HSSN, eliminating unnecessary manual entry.

Flex Modification

Customers now have an easier, flexible way of helping more borrowers qualify for loan modifications with the new Flex Modification. The Fannie Mae Flex Modification, announced in December, offers a singular opportunity for borrowers in all stages of delinquency.

  • The Fannie Mae Flex Modification combines features of the Fannie Mae HAMP, Standard Modification, and Streamlined Modification, and replaces the Standard and Streamlined Modifications (effective October 2017), offering servicers a simplified suite of workout options.
  • In most cases, Flex Modification eliminates the need for borrower data verification.
  • The Flex Modification offers additional payment relief making it easier to provide a greater number of struggling homeowners with assistance.
  • We’re eliminating the need to collect the IRS Forms 4506 – T or 4506T – EZ from the borrower for a complete Loss Mitigation Application.